a man, back to us, walking This page is the NEW, COMBINED, HOME PAGE for BOTH the older Addiction, Pain and Public Health website, and for the newer WordPress blog. Click on the “War on Doctors/Pain Crisis BLOG” link near top of page. – Alex DeLuca; 2009-08-07; page last revised: 2013-09-03.

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Finally, video interviews of Siobhan Reynolds (1961-2011,) myself, and combat veteran and chronic pain patient James Fernandez (1953-2012.) Also available is the Pain Relief Network’s signature documentary, “The Chilling Effect – Pain Patients in the War on Drugs.” (Click ‘Playlist’ in upper left corner after starting the video player.)

NOTE: As of mid January, 2013, this site is closed to new Comments. There is a tremendous amount of real experience in many Comments; they remain readable as a testimonial to the ongoing, needless, government imposed, suffering that is the ‘pain crisis in America.’

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Thank you for caring. There is a lot of good and important information here, all for free and nothing for sale. I hope in a small way this effort aids you in finding the understanding you seek.

Peace, ..alex…


  1. I can’t believe I found a site that understands what I am going through! I was in pain management for a number of years until last summer, when my Dr. retired (or was made to retire). Since then, I have been struggling to find someone to take over my care. I have even had Drs. flat out tell me that they refuse to take his patients. What? I live in Indianapolis, IN and I have been suffering a great deal. I’m a mess and at the end of my rope. I can’t sleep and my pain is unbearable. I need help.

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