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Highly Recommended Pages, Redux…; Alex DeLuca; War on Doctors/Pain Crisis; 2008-12-29.

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Chronic Pain #2 – The Case for Opiates – Brookoff, 2000
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Happy holidays, and a healthy New Year’s to us all!

Take a moment to scan one or two of these Highly Recommended documents… good background reading for any serious student of the war on docs and the pain crisis.


  1. hi dorothy,

    welcome to the club. you've got it right – god help us all.

    i wish I could be generally encouraging; but that is becoming difficult because it really is just getting worse and worse and worse.


  2. Dorothy Grindle 2011-07-24 at 6:13 pm

    My pain manangement Dr in New Hampshire went to great lenghts to ditch me by lying and saying the medicene was not in my system. When I called the poisen control center of NH and found out just how long the narcotic pain medicene would stay in my system, and found out it was I e-mailed him and said I had gone to great lenths to be in my system, he said sorry, the office was very busy that day. Then he did other evil deeds, and said I threatened him which is another lie and that he would call the police on me if I went to a lawyer, I hope he doesn't see this, he might call the police on me. Shame on him and shame on the dea. I have heard of people getting and selling 1000's of medicenes and yet I get ditched by my pain manager after 7ish years because I had to go on medicare insurance and he wasn't making enough money off me. Why he didn't refer me to another Dr, I don't know. I have never been in trouble with the law and have 1 speeding ticket in my over 40 year old life. I'm not proud to be and american being in pain and not being able to get treatment. God help all us sick people