Agitator: Hurwitz (Re)Convicted

Hurwitz (Re)Convicted; Radley Balko; The Agitator; 2007-04-30. Excerpt: The ramifications of Hurwitz’s conviction on the continuing treatment of pain are ominous. If Hurwitz can go to prison for not being suspicious enough of his patients, the message to pain specialists is clear: Err on the side of mistrust, suspicion, and undertreatment, or risk going to prison.

Comment (DeLuca): Radley Balko has been writing about the persecution of pain doctors (Ex: Fisher, Rottschaefer), the distortion of medical practice and values in the name of drug war imperatives and consequent suffering of abandoned and mistreated patients, and the darkly humorous, tragic, stupidity of the U.S. drug control policy in general, for a long time.

He also helped organized the Drug Cops and Doctors (videos available) conference at Cato in 2005, that included Ron Libby, Siobhan Reynolds, Linda Paey, Frank Fisher, and Eli Stutsman, Esq. Wow! I was there – it was great. Thanks Radley.